NR Admin API no method to get list of flow ids?

NR Admin API no method to get list of flow ids? Does not appear in the documentation there is a method for this? I see GET, PUT, DELETE for all flows, and per flow if using the id of the flow. How to get the id via the Admin API? Not possible?

The whole /flow is in need of an overhaul - but I've said that quite a few times in this forum.

Get /flows and filter the tab nodes to get their ids.

Cool, figured that was it, only logical idea I had anyway, good to confirm. The API doc states that /flow/id:global will return the global context. Is that still true? You mentioned that to get global context was actually /flow/global? So /flows/global seems to work, but /flow/id:global does not, so the API doc needs an update? The specific line " If id is set to global , the global configuration nodes and subflow definitions are returned." Can't be right? Or it should be, but does not work?

Scratch that... I just realized what I did cutting and pasting. "/flow/:id" Not "/flow/id:"

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