Numeric Input widget

Have implemented the Numeric Input Widget ( the one with the UP and Down arrows) and set the range between
min = 0 , max = 100
All is working ok.

We are writing the numeric value into an json file and storing it to a file.json and retriving the value after power up. That is work ok

For example:

  1. User set Numeric Value = 134
    134 is stored .json and recalled after power up

  2. Numeric Value shows 134 after power up.

For some reason it always just shows '0' in the numeric value after power up

About to solve this. Please disregard

Have you debugged your flow? There might be many things wrong but with just guessing can be done. Not much there to help on. How about sharing your flow?

We got it worked out. Thank you.

How do you have solve the problem?