[OPC UA] iiot-opcua has been deprecated

This post is for those who have or are using node-red-contrib-iiot-opcua

node-red-contrib-iiot-opcua has been deprecated and now the following versions are versions
of payment.
i have some questions because it is the first time it happens to me
-Does anyone know if I can legally continue using the nodes that I normally have?
-Can i continue to use the image version ??
-Should I change to some other node?
-If so, what would be the best option to keep track of my variables in my flows?

Have a look at the license and see what it says.
Keep a copy of the node (from node_modules) in case it disappears from npm, though actually I don't know whether that can happen.
It is not very friendly to remove it from github, but as you have the source you could make your own repository with it. Subject to what the license says.

Agreed. I seen it'd been removed from GitHub and thought that's pretty uncool - could have left the repo in place even if moving to a different model.


So it's a BSD-3-Clause license


I'm not a legality minded person so can anyone say if you were to build a new repo from the src, would it be legal?

As long as you include the original copyright and license.

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