Opc-ua iiot vs contrib- opc ua node

the node red version i am using is 1.0.3 and unfortunately i am stuck with this (i cannot update it in any way).
I got a project from a coworker using in which he was using node-red-contrib-opcua.Unfortunately they have updated this pakage and due to this, it does not work with node red 1.0.3 anymore.

In order to make that project work, i have moved to node-red-iiot-opc-ua library but i cannot fully find the correspondence between the nodes.

Can someone help me? is there a way to downgrade the node-red-contrib in order to make it work with my node red version?

Hi - you should be able to manually install a previous version by going into your user directory ( usually ~/.node-red ) and then running npm i node-red-contrib-opcua@x.y.z where x.y.z is the version that you know works... (and then stopping and restarting Node-RED )

Unfortunately node red is pre-installed on a specific device that we outsource. The supported version of node red is the 1.0.3 and it is not possible to update it. Hence i got this issue with the installation of the specific version of the library

Fork your own version from my git and then just edit package.json

"node-red": {
"version": ">=1.3",

"engines": {
"node": ">=12"

There can still be a problem with node-opcua if the nodejs engine is older than 12 then it will not work.

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