OPCUA Client Action

Hi All,
I need some additional info related to client actions available in node-red-contrib-opcua nodes (see attached image).
I need to know how paylod and topic have to be filled in depending on action selected.
Does anyone have some additional info?
Please let me know.
Thank you.

Did you check the description that comes with the node?
It sums up the possible actions in short.
What are you trying to do?

Hi nico25,
I'm trying to solve an initialization server problem that sometime occours (it says something like "...ns=1,s=PLC Data already registered in namespace..."...and I'm trying to understand if there's a way to unregistrer the node that causes the error using an item node.
I'm a novice in both node-red and opcua fields and maybe I'm doing something not in the proper way...

Did you try sending a message with a topic like "ns=3;s="PLC Data";datatype=XY" to an OPCUA-Client node, set up to unregister? I didn´t work with register/unregister before but the node description doesn´t mention OPCUA-Item for these actions.
As far as I know, registered Nodes are only valid for the current session, so unregistering them should fix your issue.

I am new in Node-red and trying to use tia-portal as server and connect Node-RED via OPC UA client, but i got an error "Local 'own' certificate is NOT used" . Normally i choosed No ´certificate inside the node.

Do you have any idea why it comes ?

Thank you nico25.
I will try to follow your suggestion.

What are your security settings for opc-ua on the PLC-Side?

I was replying to @hgyuler here

Thank you @nico25 ,
I 'll retry every possibilities, and if I achieve to connect, will let you know.

This one: "Local 'own' certificate is NOT used"

It is only a log message, I just commented it out as people look it as an error.

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