Open/Close Serial Port

Hi all-

I'm wanting to use both node-red and another program to access a serial port, though not simultaneously. I was hoping to set up a dashboard button that I can use to open/close the port, but I'm not seeing a super easy way to do this. Was thinking that I might be able to use an exec node and have windows open a port instance, but this is a bit out of my comfort zone. Has anyone does this successfully, or have any ideas?


Welcome j_gord

You need a Virtual Serial Port Emulator. After testing several programs, I chose to use Eterlogic VSPE.

Super helpful, thank you! Are you using an Exec node to interface with the Eterlogic VSPE, or something other configuration? Thanks!

Device, Create and select Splitter.
One serial port to multiple applications.


Works perfectly; thank you!

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