Openhab2 won't update item state

I'm pretty new to using NodeRed but so far I've found it mostly easy to get started. I'm stuck at one point though. I'm using the Openhab2 library which I see many other people using with no problem. I added a OpenhabIn node, set up the coniguration node to connect to my server, and I'm able to select the item I'd like to monitor. I can get the list of items from the server and tested that by creating a new item and it showed up just fine.

However when I publish the flow I get no state updates. Is there something I haven't set up correctly? A port that needs to be open perhaps? I'm running OpenHAB on the same machine as the NodeRed instance. It's a Linux 16.04 setup running node.js version 8.15.1 and npm version 6.4.1 and node-red version 0.20.2. Any help is appreciated.