Oracledb-node not visible after installation


I installed oracledb-node according to .

All works well without any error or warning. After starting node-red, the oracle node is not visible in the user interface. What can I do?

Thanks in advance


Which browser are you using? If IE then try a different one.

I'm using Firefox.

I really get the impression, that Oracle is a real mess according to work together with other software :frowning:

Meanwhile I installed node-red-contrib-oracledb-mod and now the oracle node is visible. Unfortunately I now fail to force node-red (or the node) to use the tnsnames.ora. But this is another topic.

So: for my Windows 7 system from all available oracle nodes the only installable oracle node that also shows up in the UI is node-red-contrib-oracledb-mod

I open another Issue for the tnsnames.ora.

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