Palette Install Version choice

Is there any think on the roadmap / plans for a "version choice" when you chose to install from the palette?

My current dilemma...

  • Need to update package but waiting until a dependency comes out of alpha
  • Need to get a package out for testing but few folk have the knowledge or cahoones to whip out the command line/terminal


I see this be very useful when requesting users test out a beta version of a published node
"John please find "xxxxxx" in the palette, click install, select version 7.0.0-beta.1 - tell me if it plays nice on your installation"

I see it useful for when a new version is broken (or doesnt play nice) - permits the user to remove & re-install the older working version.
"Sorry about that John please uninstall the node and then reinstall "xxxxxx" version 6"

A solution? (easy)...

  • Upon clicking install, popup shows a confirmation box with "Install" & "Cancel" buttons AND a version edit box with "latest" written in. This would permit the user to enter a string like 7.0.0-beta.1. Perhaps to assist the user, a link to the NPM versions page could be included?

A solution? (bit harder)...

  • Upon clicking install, popup shows a confirmation box with "Install" & "Cancel" buttons AND a version selector (pre-populated from NPM) with all versions (INCLUDING alphas / betas) permits the user to choose what version is installed.

Thanks for reading.


Offering the ability to install something other than the latest version is something we ought to have. But it isn't something explicitly list in the backlog... I'll add a card now.

As for how it would be done - a freeform text box may be the easiest, but it is also more likely for the user to make a mistake with. A dropdown list of actually available versions would be far more preferable. However the underlying catalog format doesn't provide a history of versions that are available, so that would need to be updated to support this sort of choice. Remember we aren't tied to the public npm repository - a user could setup a private repository that we have no direct visibility of, other than the catalog json they provide.

Thanks nick.

I guessed it would be.


Also really nice would be the ability to install direct from Github as this is a fairly common step when developing a new version of a node.

That would also give another way to install private nodes which would be very helpful.

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