Pdf or picture slideshow

Hi all I would create a slides how popup in node red to open pdf files or images? This is possible?

What do you mean by this? Popup where?

There are lots of ways to show PDF and image files and also ways to create true web slideshows or simply rotate through showing a series of files.

So you need to explain more about what you are trying to achieve.

Thank you,
I would like that if operator push a button, a sort of slideshow opens in front view. in this slideshow I would like show pdf content or pictures (png or jpg). When operator click on "X" the slideshow close and main page appears again

There is nothing that I know of in terms of node-red nodes that will help you with that which means that you will need to write some html/javascript to either go with Dashboard or uibuilder (which help you with data transfer and some management).

many thanks, I tryied with some tutorials online. You thinks is possible pass to ui_template list of file with full path "/home/pi/images/..." or "/home/pi/pdfFiles/..." in particular I mount remote folder "images" and "pdfFiles" where the remote folder is on a NAS device.

Actually I don't know ho to open pdf
many thanks

To make files accessible to a client browser, they need to be "served" using a web server. Node-RED has a basic web server built in (two actually, one for the Editor and some admin API's and one for Dashboard and http-in/-out nodes. uibuilder can use the same one as Dashboard or can create its own).

You can make files available to the browser by turning on the httpStatic option in settings.js. Then static files like the ones you mention can be served up from one or more folders that you specify.

If node-red isn't running on the NAS, you will need to mount that remote folder on the server running node-red. As you appear to be using a Pi, you can use Samba or NFS or even an SSH mount to do that, you will need to look up the instructions for remote mounting NAS folders on Linux.

To get the browser to open a PDF file instead of downloading it, all you need to do is to give it the correct mime type - if I remember rightly, that is something like application/pdf. You may well find that Node-RED's httpStatic option does that automatically, try it and see.

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