Phoscon conbee2 stick & Tradfri bulb

i am currently testing the conbee2 stick from phoscon to be able to use it in nodered and have problems with the colour settings of the tradfri bulbs.

Current status: Aquara sensors from Xiaomi (switch, motion detector and temperature sensor) work without problems. Also the brightness of the Tradfri bulb can be adjusted.
The colour and saturation cannot be controlled via Nodered at the moment. In the web application of Phoscon all functions (brightness, colour and saturation) work fine. This means that this should also work with Nodered.

I have looked at what the light bulb reports when its color is changed and recreated the payload. Unfortunately the light bulb does not react in this case either.

Can any of you help me with this flow or does anyone already have a flow for a Tradfri light bulb with conbee2-Stick?

my payload when press inject node

To switch between the HSB color space of the color picker and the CIE XY color space you have to calculate a little bit. see the following link: Convert HSBType to CIE XY needed for Ikea Tradfri control through Deconz REST

However, it looks as if only the X and Y values of the color space are transmitted as an array to the Tradfri bulb. I do not know why my solution does not work.

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