Pi bookworm experience

Anyone running the new pi bookworm OS with node red yet? Observations?

I'm looking to do a rebuild this weekend/week, so if no one else coughs up, ill update.

Do it on a spare SD card so you are not burning any bridges.

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For sure!
I have a few 32gb cards around the house, so don't mind cooking a few in the process! :grimacing:

Only annoying thing I recognized, I could not use my existing real-vnc client to connect so I reverted back to previous raspbian (you can find a lot of issues about this)

All my pi's are distributed around the house and run without keyboard, mouse and monitor and this is nothing I'm gonna change

The new Bookworm runs fine on my PIZW2, with node-red, zigbee2mqtt, ssh and vnc.

If I take the sd card from a PIZ and move to PI4, vnc does not work.

If I moved it back on PIZ, and enable vnc, it works again.

On PI4 this error occurs:

<Warning: ../src/ctl-server.c: 703: Deleting stale control socket path "/run/user/1000/wayvncctl"

Use ssh to manage the pi's rather than vnc.

While on the pi5 do you use any pins? Output or input? I'm hearing there's a few gremlins in there.

@krambriw Quote from

VNC users should note that a new VNC server is being used. Wayvnc replaces RealVNC as the latter does not work with Wayland’s security model. On the client side, Long reports that TigerVNC is providing good results.

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I switched to Bookworm 64bits for a few weeks, everything is OK.
I don't use VNC.
I have a project that uses the I2C protocol, it works without problems.

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