Raspberry PI 5 Bookworm - PiPlates

I would like to identify folks successfully running Raspberry PI 5 Bookworm with PiPlates. Have some difficulty getting my project running again. Thanks

Just for info for the rest of us - what is PiPlates?

I think they are hats of some kind - never used them myself.
Each plate offers access to IO of various categories.

I think they are stackable

Hmmmm if you got to that site you see:

@hs10 have you read thru and try what they say??

Thanks, this was the first thing I did after imaging a new SD Card. I entered the following and got errors - "python -m venv ----system-site-packages env"

It might help if you show us the errors….

Maybe you should go back to bullseye like the suggest.

I would like to get it running on the new OS (painful as it may be). Also having issue getting my GPS functions operational also. Would be nice to ID solutions for other who upgrade. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

To get help you need answer the questions being asked.

ERROR “python -m venv ----system-site-packages env” SHOULD READ “python -m venv --system-site-packages env”

So did you try it with the two dashes? Did that work? They may have made an error in their explanation.

nodered-install.log (18.8 KB) - Here is the install log

From the install log:
npm ERR! request to https://registry.npmjs.org/node-red failed, reason: connect EHOSTUNREACH 2606:4700::6810:1a22:443
The system is trying to use IPV6 to access the npm registry, and is failing.

3 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 101 not upgraded.
You need to install the latest updates to the packages on your system. Run
sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

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Hello all, author of node-red-contrib-pi-plates here. I just released 0.3.0 that fixes pi-plates functionality on Raspberry Pi OS 'Bookworm' and Pi 5. This has been broken since the Bookworm / Pi 5 release due to the new dependency on python venv for python packages. The fix involves initializing a dedicated venv within this node package and automatically installing the pi-plates python package therein. This works great on bookworm, but the big gotcha is that we now depend on the system having the python3-venv package which is not installed by default on previous releases (e.g. Bullseye). So, if you're running bullseye or older, you'll need to 'sudo apt install python3-venv' before installing this node package. Thankfully, this is pretty clear from the debug output when install fails in the missing-venv case.

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