Raspberry Pi-OS << Version 12 (bookworm) released

Just noticed Debian version 12 was released on 10th October, 2023.

Here's a link to all image variants...


Think I will wait and see if this causes any issues before upgrading :wink:

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As far as I have been informed this is the version (Bookworm) you will need for the Raspberry Pi 5.
Previous versions, like Bullseye and Buster will not work on the Pi 5.

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We already discovered that Node-red nor anything else logs to /var/log/syslog with Bookworm.

We have to learn to use journalctl (?) for debugging

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I have a Pi5 on pre order, but doubt I will see it this year :smiling_face_with_tear:

I have a RaspberryPi5 on order, but I'll try this on a spare RaspberryPi4B that I have kicking around as soon as I find where I misplaced my SDMicro cards.. (silly me)..

Curious to see what Node-RED will do, particulary with i2c as that access the GPIO... Prepared for stuff not to work initially.


I took a look at the preliminary manual for the RP1 chip.
One thing I can say is that it won't be easy for us node developers.
Now I have to adapt and test all my nodes for RPI 5.

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That's the new standard behavior of Debian 12, not an issue with Raspberry OS specifically.

They dropped rsyslog in favor of systemd's journalctl.

See release notes for details:

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In this OS version is a bookworm.

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I think that is probably a changed default in systemd. My Debian installation (not a Pi) doesn't log to syslog either. There is a parameter that gets the systemd journaling to sync to syslog, it was discussed in another thread recently.

So if you want it, just turn it on. Either for just Node-RED or as a default for all systemd run apps.

I only mentioned it as an example of OS changes which could in some circumstances impact Node-red. Another example is networking.

Nope, I'm not expecting to turn it back on, the amount of junk which accumulates in /var/log is already a threat to the stability of the system, which might be a poor little Pi with an 8GB SD card.
(I have not tested Bookworm on an 8GB card, mine currently have minimum 16GB, the test of Bookworm is on 32GB)

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I am not sure that is correct (at least for bookworm), I believe it is because rsyslog is no longer installed installed by default.

@TotallyInformation, on your system does sudo systemctl status rsyslog show it running?

That's correct. It's mentioned in the link I provided in my post earlier.

Yes, it is running on my system. However, I'm running buster, just on an intel laptop not a Pi.

OK, so there are two possible causes of missing syslog.

The PiOS docs do specifically state that rsyslog is no longer installed.