"Pi Keyboard" node not working (Pi 4, Home Assistant)

Hi everyone!

I'm familiar with node-based programming, but new to Node Red.

I'm using Node Red installed as an addon to Home Assistant, which was installed on a Raspberry Pi 4 running Raspian. Home assistant was installed in what they call "supervised mode".

Unfortunately, the "Pi Keyboard" node does not work. Is it supposed to catch global keyboard events? There is a USB keyboard attached to the Raspberry Pi, and my Debug node does not show any activity.


The debug sidebar stays empty. What am I doing wrong?

I don't know this node, neither can I test it for you, but the first thing you can try is setting the debug node to output Complete msg object and see if the keyboard response is there.

Thank you. I changed the Debug node to "Complete msg object" and re-deployed. Unfortunately, it's still not working.

Where did you find the "Pi Keyboard" node - I can't immediately find it ?

If you don't get support related to this here in the forum you can try to get attention of the author by raising a githup issue againt his node.

@janvda, it's part of the Node-red core.

@LukasG, just tested it here on a Pi3B+ with NR V1.0.3, node-red-node-pi-gpio 1.1.1 and it works fine for me.

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Im not sure how home assistant installs the so called add-ons but as its containerd in some kind itself maybe it also installs nodered when installed with this way in some kind of container situation with limited access to the host and this is why you don’t see the keyboard input in nodered.
The best place would probably be to open an issue on the github page of the home assistant nodered add-on if this is the case.
To test this you could take a spare sd card and flash vanilla raspberry pi os to it and than install nodered with the raspberry pi specific nodes over the official install script and test if it works there. If yes its an issue in how home assistant installs nodered.


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Thanks for all your responses. I will continue my investigation in these directions and update this post with a solution if I find one.

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