Plotting the location of wildfires on the Dashboard

Just been working on a "fun" project for my IoT students.

Plotting the location of wildfires on the Dashboard.

It makes use of data from NASA to plot markers on the worldmap node on the Dashboard.

Although most of the function nodes (in the flow) use JavaScript, there is a section in the tutorial-guide that introduces some very basic JSONata to query and transform the array-data received from NASA.

I must give credit to @E1cid for his work creating the Jsonata in the Change node and for his suggestion to set the coordinates for the various regions in the buttons. This simplifies the processing in the Change node and makes the overall flow much simpler and easier to follow.

Here's a link to the tutorial guide and the Node-RED flow.


It's a nice little app, I especially like the buttons to change the map focus.

But isn't it a bit odd that NASA thinks there's a wildfire somewhere near Brighton but none at all in the Amazon or Australia?

I think this dataset is a valuable lesson in not trusting what you get from the internet!

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Such a true statement. I hope my students appreciate the implication of it?

Nope no wildfires here at the moment (Aus) - Almost Winter and been a very wet start to the year so we are good - BUT once La Nina breaks all hell will break loose a year later