Student in need of help Setting up Weather API

Hello would someone be willing to help me figure out how to add the weather service api so I can see it in a dashboard?

You will need to say which API and what you have tried for yourself.

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What do you mean by "the weather service"? There are several weather APIs.
Personally I use OpenWeatherMap.

And how do you envisage your dashboard will look?
If you search the forum and you will find lots of examples of weather dashboards.

Thank you I tried National Weather service API (hourly version) and I did get some data back . I am trying this now GitHub - johnwalicki/Node-RED-Severe-Weather-Alert-Map: Severe Weather Alert Map Node-RED Dashboard using The Weather Company APIs

I ended up using API and I have had positive results getting data and posting to dashboard. Now Im going to try to figure out how to add custom icons to the dashboard...

This might give you some ideas of how to plot "things" on the worldmap.

Although it's for plotting wildfires using data from NASA, I'm sure the concept could be adapted.

Oh wow! Thank you so much Im going to dive into this... could be very helpful as Im in a wildfire state as well!

My IoT students worked on this exercise one afternoon a week over a number of weeks. If you read through the Tutorial there is a step-by-step guide that should help you. Good luck. Hope you find this helpful.

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