Possible to Monitoring Siemens PLC input and output with nodered

Hi everybody.
We are monitoring Siemens s7-300 plc input and output with wiring raspberry Pi3 with nodered. But we just have limited I/O ports and wiring is not working very well actually.
I have seen somewhere, RPI 3 can receive directly all input and output from PLC with network connection.

Any way you know how can I do this and want to monitor it with nodered?

For example :
I0.1 = Brake
I1.1 = Emergency
Q0.0 = light on
Q0.1 = light off


you can use modbus protocol, programer PLC community modbus and install modbus node in raspberry

Thanks for your answer. Do you know any example or something how to use it ?

Isn't there an s7 node for node-red that permits ethernet communication?