Postgres Notify

I have installed the PG Listen node pg-listen-new

There are three parameters on the UI, the node name, the channel to listen to ( this I understand fine), and a text entry "Server" into which I have put the full postgres connection string

The node is throwing an error

02/05/2024, 16:06:11node: Listen to Scheduler Channelmsg : string[30]
"missing postgres configuration"

Should there be some way to link this node to the postgressql connection config node? I am stuck.

As it stands the node is showing disconnected.

If you did a copy past of the error,
then https://my-server-address/# <--- you still need to put server ip

That's not it, I just didn't want to paste my server details into a public forum

I rebooted everything emptied my caches and when I went back into nodered, the text entry field for postgres db was now showing as a callout to a set of fields for putting in server details. It is connected and working.

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