Prevent dashboard reload on re-deploy?


I'm testing a full-screen kiosk app on one of my new Fire 7 tablets. The app is called "Fully Kiosk" and for EUR 5.70 it does motion detection to fade on and off the screen when someone walks past where it's mounted in the wall. It's really nice and although I've only been testing it for a day, I can already recommend this app to cover every use case required for a wall controller.

The app allows you to set a default web page to display. In our living room, I've set it to display the dashboard with ID=1.

Problem is, every time I re-deploy, the dashboard reloads into ID=0 (bedroom). The user then has to come out of the locked-down app, and relaunch the page. (There are no refresh buttons, as it's full screen...)

How can I avoid this?


Use the Dashboard tab in the sidebar and move the group you want to show at startup as the first in the list.

So you end up with this:
It should now be there forst to show when you open the dashboard.


@zenofmud Thanks, although I don't think I explained my question clearly enough.

I'm going to have the same problem with the bedroom controller, if I do that!

So is there a way for different instances of Dashboard to reset to different pages on re-deploy? Or for re-deploy to actually maintain the current page?

Right now I can't see how to make it usable in the use case of tablets in walls


Have a look at what the ui_control node emits on connect. If you can determine which device is connecting then you can then auto switch it back to the correct page