Problem with install DHT plugin on win10

Hello , i dont install DHT plugins . If i run install from pallete in node-red so it appears this error.

please help

The error is pretty clear, you don't have a valid Python environment set up.

You will need Python installed and set up such that you can run it from the command line just by typing python.

Do you have build_essentials installed? Not sure if Python is included in that but you will certainly need it anyway.

Ok , Thank You. Python is ready . Now my new error :smiley: ..

Possibly (I don't know) the DHT node either doesn't work with Node.js v12 or doesn't work on Windows 10. I think that you will now have to raise an issue against that node.

Taking a quick look, it only mentions the Pi on that node so maybe that's your issue. How is the sensor connected?

Sesnos is connect in Arduino Mega ... Plugin is not even installed , i cannot instal .

If the sensor is connected to an Arduino then you need some arduino code / library to talk to it... and then send the data via (for example) serial port to Node-RED.

Maybe something like this to get started -

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And presumably, the Arduino is connected to Windows 10 via serial over USB. So you will need to configure a serial-in port.