Problems connecting to twitter node

I am trying to connect to twitter node and getting below error.

12 Feb 12:14:58 - [warn] [twitter in:Keyword search] stream error: Error: connect ETIMEDOUT

I am connected on my office network and suspect it is the firewall that is blocking it.

Is there a way to run twitter node behind a proxy? Any workarounds?

EDIT: Same with the feed parser node. I am getting below error:

[error] [feedparse:BT SPORT RSS] Error: ETIMEDOUT

Is there a way to use Twitter/feed parser nodes behind a proxy?

Check with your IT security department as to whether you are allowed to access Twitter over your corporate network. It may be blocked.

I can access twitter on my browser. Is there a way to run the Twitter node behind a proxy?

You can configure a proxy for Node-RED, that may help.

But before going to the effort, talk to your corporate IT.

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Spoke to IT, the Twitter node needs to be run behind a proxy but I am not sure if the Twitter node allows that. I don't see any way to do it.

This does not help in running Twitter node behind a proxy.

Hi @faisalchishti

we don't have any immediate plans for the Twitter node. This is the first time the question of running it behind a proxy has come up. I can't imagine it would be too much work to add - just not on my todo list.

If someone wanted to take it on, it would be nice first contribution.

(No need to ping me on twitter - if you want my input on a subject, @-mention me here)

Hi @knolleary

I see issue #243 was raised in 2016 for the same. Hope somebody with the right expertise picks it up and gets it running.

feat(twitter): Add proxy support on twitter node.
#243 opened Oct 18, 2016 by Bigous

Thanks for the update!