Problems installing nodered dashboard or any other plugins

This means that machine has a DNS problems. You need to talk who ever looks after your network to work out why that machine can not resolve hostsnames.

Hello. I have a node red instance running at . Here, I am able to install the extensions. But I have a hardware automation device running at The hardware device has its own node red interface, it is with his that I am unable to install any add ons on the Node Red and when I search PuTTY for the hardware device's IP address, none of the npm commands work.

Do please try to be more careful about sharing the full information. We've just spent a lot of time on wasted checks.

What is the device and have you followed the same process as in these previous posts to analyse the problem on that device? You should now have all the information required to track down the basis of the problem.

I do appreciate your time and it was never my intention to waste your time. I now have an idea thanks to you all people. My problem : I am trying to install a local instance of node red extensions onto my system without an ''npm''.

It is possible but the target device has to be given a version of the package that uses the correct platform configuration.

The basic way is to install the npm package on a different device and then copy over all of the resulting folders from the source node_modules folder.

But that will only usually work if source and target have the same platform type. For example, you could not generally install onto a Windows source and then simply copy to a Raspberry Pi target.

Without knowing the target platform, we can't really be any more specific.

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