Problems receiving UDP messages


I'm trying to set up a general scenario which consists in a PC sending through UDP OUT node an UDP message to another PC receiving through UDP IN node that message.
Node-red is installed over Windows OS in both cases.

Sended message:

(Not) received message:

Please, note in the previous image that if I send a local UDP message, I recieve it without problems. But the message sended from outside network never arrives.

When I monitor the traffic using Wireshark, I see the incoming message, but it does not appear in the debbug windows of Node-red.

Could anybody help me, please?
Thanks in advance!

do you have a firewall running ?

Hi dceejay,

Despite I had set a rule in Windows Defender as the following image shows and it's active, it wasn't working.

Only disabling Windows Defender service I could receive from outside.


I'm sorry but my OS is setting in spanish.
I'll continue analyzing why that rule does not work but, at least, I could identify (from your help) the problem.

Thanks a lot!

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