Problems updating flows to latest Dashboard Version


im actually facing problems updating esisting flows with ui to the latest dashboard version.

the problem shows-up as a continuos connection-lost message and impossibility to use the ui.
no errors however shown in logs.

also unuseful to clear the cash
it happens with chrome on windows 10, and also with chrome and safari on iOS.

the only solution seems to be re-create groups and reinsert widgest and components.
this is of course a very very cumbersome process considering the number of dashboard components i have in previous flows (dashboard version 2.6.1 and NR 0.19.3).

has anyone faced the same problem? any smart solution to this migration?


You probably just need to flush the browser cache - force a reload. Usually Ctrl-R a couple of times does it.

Tried already,
also F5.... and clear browsing data....same ..

Could be this happen because we have ui also in subflows?

The dashboard does not support having its nodes inside subflows. You will get very unpredictable results when it comes to the layout.

Ok likely that's the problem

Just to inform that we found out the problem was due to some NR misalignement
we run a clean new installation and old ui work perfectly...

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