Problems with some nodes after disabling them from the pallet manager

Hi! I'm building my custom NodeRed nodes, but I'm facing a really strange issue while disabling and enabling some of them or some of the core nodes from the pallet manager. When I disable some node and then restart the NodeRed instance the disabled node item in the pallet manager list breaks like in the attached screenshot:

This behaviour is not consistent for all of the nodes, but only for some of them. I noticed also that when the problematic nodes are disabled they have an empty "types" array in the .config.nodes.json file and when I enable them again the "types" array includes the correct type again. My NodeRed version is 3.0.2. Have you ever faced such issue?

Can you create a step by step set of instructions to recreate the problem? Please provide the complete name of the core nodes you are talking about.

This will make it easier for someone to try and reproduce what you are doing. Thanks!

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