Problems with updating to Node-Red v1.0.1


I recently updated my node red version from 0.7.X to 1.0.1.
I could see some problems with the OPCUA IIOT Inject contrib. I could not find the place to enter the data like name, node id etc. The help says that there is an OPC UA items tab to enter this info but I cannot find it. Although the node ids I entered in the previous version still exists but I cannot find where to edit this or enter it in the new inject node. I'm attaching a screenshot for reference. Thanks

This is a problem with the contrib node. Please open an issue with the author so they can fix it.
You can usually do this by following a link from the nodes page on to github when you can see if an issue has already been opened or open a new one

Also which version of nodejs are you running. In a terminal run
node -v
and it will tell you. It should be 8.x or 10.x
If it is not one of those what hardware/OS are you running node-red on?

It would also be worth checking the brower's javascript console for any error messages as they will be needed when you raise an issue.

I'm running it on nodejs 10.16.0. The os is windows 10 though

Just confirming - I just installed it on my Win10 running 1.0.1 and it gave the same blank configuration

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If you can recreate it, then maybe you can check the JavaScript console for any error messages that might give us a hint as to what is happening.

Probably a good idea to clear the cache in the browser too, in case it has something from the previous node-red cached

I checked that the issue is opened and still in progress in Github since july. Hopefully it gets resolved soon.