Programming ti MSP430 using MSP-FET and Raspberry pi

Hi folks,

I'll shortly be working on a project which will use Node Red on a Raspberry pi 3B, part of this project will involve using the pi to program (firmware upload) a populated PCB under test. The Micro Controller in this case is one from the Texas Instruments MSP430 family.

So this post is really a place for anyone who has relevant info to add (not expecting much of that) and for me to share what I find.

The plan is for me to use mspdebug ( MSPDebug ) once I figure out how to get everything I need correctly built for the pi.

I'll post more info as I have it.

I made some progress yesterday, I managed to build the libmsp430 library on my Raspberry pi, took me most of the day as I'm a Windows/DOS person rather than linux.

The info I used is mostly here:

be careful though it doesn't work as documented, many of the directories are wrong and there is an issue with DOS vs linux EoL characters that stumped me for a little while.

Was very happy when I typed make and the build started, 15 mins later I had my compiled library.

Next I need to build mspdebug and then I can start testing, And once I have a working command line method I can test it from Node Red . . .

(yes I know this is very much Node Red ish yet, but bear with me . . . I will get there.)

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