Project management examples

Hi ,

Has anyone worked with node red to create a project management tool?

I want to see some examples please and have an Idea.


I'm trying to understand the question, do you mean developing a Project management application, like what Microsoft Project is for example?

It can certainly be done of course, and my suggestion is to use something like UIBUILDER.

I'm not sure your going to find ready made solutions to pick from in the forums (I could be wrong of course), but yes... it can be done.

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There are a great many ways to manage projects. You will really need to give some more of a clue. Do you just want to manage tasks? Or also resources? What about risks and issues?

When managing tasks, do you want something simple like a kanban board or something that copes with task hierarchies, milestones, etc? And what other data do you want to record?

Then where do you intend to store all this data? Does it need to interface with other systems?

There is a lot more that needs to be understood but these are the basics.

And yes, Node-RED could indeed help you create something. And UIBUILDER could help you with the user interface side of things. Indeed, I've long wanted to build my own kanban style task board with Node-RED and UIBUILDER. Sadly and ironically, there never seems to be enough time. :slight_smile:

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I want to create a simple UI wich i can add projects , adding the tasks of each project , a 4 sections named : To do , on going task and task done . of course each project will have those sections.
I will store all this data in database because those informations will be shared with other members.

Probably best to start by finding something online that closely matches what you are after in terms of a UI. You will also need to chose a suitable database and design a schema for the data. But that will be informed by the UI probably. You also need to decide on a suitable server platform - will this be cloud-based or on dedicated hardware? Then you will also need to decide on security and start to work out suitable tooling for managing users, logins (authentication) and access (authorisation).

You also need to decide whether to use a front-end framework (Svelte, VueJS, REACT, etc) or not. Thankfully, UIBUILDER will work with any of them or can help you build with vanilla HTML, your choice.

If you decide to use UIBUILDER along with Node-RED, it will help manage any front-end framework installations, provide 2-way real-time communications between Node-RED and clients and much more.

So hopefully you now realise that even a "simple" UI is quite complex for something that will be used by multiple people, especially over the Internet.

However, Node-RED will help you start prototyping the back-end service quickly as will UIBUILDER for the front-end.

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