Proposal: create the possibility to add an explicit comment/title in flow design with custom color and size

Hi all, could be possible to add a feature in the flow designer that allow you place a title fully visible at desgn time? it will be really usefull in documentig complex flow.

thanks & cheers

Soon (like days) node-red is to be updated and will have the ability to group nodes, with custom colouring & title. That might satisfy your request.

If not, perhaps mock up in an image editor what you hope to be added

Lastly, you can change the html title and the top left title in settings.js

Just to clarify, we don't yet have a release date for Node-RED 1.1.0. We will likely have a beta version of it in the next week or so - but its just that, a beta and not the full release.

The Comment nodes are another, existing, option to adding labels to the workspace.

As Nick says, comment notes are really useful for documenting flows. As are the description tabs in each node - the description is added to the node's help panel.

I also like to label output and input connectors as this helps you remember what is going out/coming in.

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In addition, you can even add full documentation in every node (using markdown format). Very useful for function nodes where the output may not be obvious. Then when you select that node, the info bar has your nicely formated documentation.

Also, comment the output pins.

That's on top of comment nodes and changing the title and title bar (in settings.js).

It this is what you want I used a Comment node:

Hi, this will be what i need, thx

thanks to all, I believe what Steve-Mcl is saying will sort out what I need :slight_smile:

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