Raspberry diff IP number then router

raspberry diff pings a IP number then my router . I can login to my dasboard but not in the NOD
I had a power cut inbetween. anyone an idea what to do ?

im an Uber noob so help or just ignore me to death :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum @Erik1

Can you explain what you mean by that. I don't know what a NOD is.

the raspberry itselve. i can log in with putty but there is gives another IP adres then when I try to acces it through firefox

maybe I have to be a bit more clear.. doing experiment with mysterium on a rasbpi . after install mysterium software on the rasp i was able to login the raspb through firefox. after the powercut I can't acces it anymore through firefox. to adjust the mysterium settings.

it seems like the IP adress changed after the powercut. the raspbpi IP changed on my Ziggo box ( internet provider router )

How are you connecting with putty and what url are you using in Firefox?

What has that got to do with node-red?

sorry for being a noob with this. not a clue that node red was the wrong spot to post this

I connect with router ip adress given to the raspb and that connects
when i use same ipadress to login on the Node UI (Visiting your node's IP address under the port 4449 e.g. it doesnt login anymore ( it did before the powercut)

This is a node-red forum, not a pi or mysterium forum. I think you need to ask somewhere else.

ok I will. sorry for the inconvenience

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