Accessing nodered running on a laptop from a Raspberry Pi

Hi, I'm new to Raspberry Pi. I've tried searching this question on the forum so apologies if it's been asked before.

I've loaded node-red on my pi and can access the pi from my laptop using :1880 but when i try the reverse i.e. using the browser in pi to point to a node-red running on my laptop I just get a connection error.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

What OS are you using on your laptop? There could well be a firewall running blocking access to port 1880.

Thanks for your reply.
I'm using Windows 10. I've not done anything to alter the firewall settings so it could be that. I don't really understand how firewalls work. I can use the laptop to access node-red locally on port 1880 and I can use it to access the node-red on the Pi using the hostname:1880. The problem I'm finding is when I use the pi to access the node-red running on the laptop, using the hostname:1880 in the raspberry pi browser. Do you think the adjusting the firewall could fix this and if so how would I go about that?

@knolleary thanks again for the help. The firewall was the problem. Cheers, Euan

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