Static IP config raspberry pi


I have a really strange one...
(this one is now off topic :wink:

My raspberry pi is running since at least 6 months and the only changes I make are via the palette and in node-red itself.

It is running on a static IP and is rebooted frequently.

Yesterday, my web interface became sluggish and also my first thing is to reboot...

After that it came back with a DHCP address and I cannot get it to use the static address again...

I didnā€™t change anything and all the config files look good(I did research)

The address is configured in dhcpcd conf file...

Any ideas? Thank you

If you know it is off-topic and not related to NR, why post in this forum at all?

To be certain that it is not node red related disable node red from running on boot and then reboot.
Look in /var/log/syslog for clues.
If you have an image backup of the SD card (you should) then you may have to restore from that of it is a corrupted card problem.