raspberry, humidity sensor

Bonjour, je débute sur node red et j'ai un projet.
Il faut que je réussissent à utiliser un capteur d'humidité via raspberry pour ensuite récupérer les données.
Merci de vos explications et aides.

Do you have a sensor hooked up the pin headers on the PI?

And what sensor is it?
What nodes are you trying to use to read the sensor?

J'ai un capteur connecté sur l'analog 2

Un capteur d'humidité

justement, je ne savais pas lequel utiliser

Do you realize how many different types of humidity sensors there are? Without telling anyone the model you are using there is no way to help you

"A humidity sensor

precisely, I did not know which one to use"

As @zenofmud said, there are a lot to choose from. If you could give more information someone might be able to help - is it going to be indoors or outdoors, mains or battery powered, continual data or a reading every hour?

There are simple sensors like the DHT22 or BME280 which are cheap and easy to work with, and would let you try out some ideas if you're at an early stage in your project.