Raspberry Pi 3B web browser blank with Bullseys image

According the Node-Red prerequisites for Raspberry Pi, "Bullseys" is the currently supported version.
After I using "Raspberry pi Imager" to write the "Raspberry Pi OS(64-bit) (Bullsey)" to SD card, I plug it to Raspberry 3B, start VNC, the web browser "Chromium" keep blank. In this case I can't use the browser to start the Node-Red.

How to fix this problem?

Welcome to the forum @Rabbit

Have you installed node-red on the pi using Running on Raspberry Pi : Node-RED ?
Have you started node-red on the pi using node-red-start?

I installed Node-RED before and find the browser is blank, so I try to install the OS only, but it still blank.
I reinstall the Node-RED, and access the Pi via my PC, my Raspberry Pi 3B works.

For hardware, here is my question: Node-RED can work for Raspberry pi Zero 2 and Raspberry Pi 2B?

I find that Node-red runs very well on a Raspberry Pi Zero 2.

I have the 64 bit Lite (command line only) version of the OS and view the Node-red editor and dashboard from a browser on my PC.

Stats on the current extent of Node-red on this RPi Zero 2:


In a command window on the pi run
and paste here the output that you see in the command window. When pasting it in (not screenshot please) use the </> button at the top of the forum entry window.

What URL are you using in the browser?

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