Blank Screen editor Chromium R_Pi 3B

need advice about this issues....while upgraded to Node Red 3 (used script) and Pi system after that I getting blank page in browser. Node Red is running fine only problem is related to Chromium...Have read older topic related to blank page, often it was related to older version of Chromium...I have leatest version.....

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That might be the latest version available in your system repository, but that is way behind the latest.

[Edit] Are you running an ancient version of raspbian?

Are you running an ancient version of raspbian?

yes..... :sweat_smile:

yeah it´s old system, I can access it from another PC so all good....that old pi system was first one we use as "test" system. I figured out it was OLD...needed only confirmation only....

Thx for reply

You may well be better off not running the browser on a pi anyway, use your laptop/pc as the user i/f. I run all my pi systems headless. Most have never had a keyboard, mouse or display ever plugged in.

Shure...we will make a new test system on RPI 4 so all will be good then....

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