Raspberry Pi Email Notifications

Hi guys.. I need some help. I'm pretty new to Node-RED. I watched a tutorial on "sending Email using Node-RED" on youtube. Thats the eaxt title if you are interested. I set it up exactly how the tutorial described, but I'm getting an error. Its telling me "Error: Invalid Login: 535-5.7.8 Username and Password not accepted. I quadruple checked that my username and password are correct in email node, but still getting this error.

Im using raspberry Pi 3 w/ all current software updates on pi and Node-RED. I'm also using an gmail address

Can you guys give me some advice?

With the help from a fellow user on the Node-RED FaceBook page, we figured it out. It was a security issue w/ Gmail.

It would be nice if the fact that the sending Gmail account needs "less secure access enabled" (and verified, it generally doesn't work until you respond to the notification Email about the change) could find its way into the "info" box for the node setup dialog.

Pull requests always welcome.

Don't you just hate it when Dave says;


No, I'd do it if I knew how. I assume its a GitHub thing. I think a better writer could do better than what I posted, but the question keeps coming up. Getting to the point at which I knew how and where to submit a Pull Request is a whole lot more effort that just typing in the key to making the Email node actually work.

Basically it never works initially unless you already been using your Gmail with "less secure access" enabled.

Based on the "nag" Emails i periodically get from Google, I suspect this "feature" is in danger of being remove.

As long as we are on the Email node, I appreciate the link about nodemailer and attachments in the info, but I found the nodemailer site clear as mud as to how I'd formulate a list of attachments to Email and pass to the node. My needs are simple I'd prefer to send one Email with three images instead of sending three Emails with one image each, but it works as it, so its not a high priority.

sounds like my teenagers and the washing machine.... :slight_smile: I know I know how to do it and could probably do it in 10 mins if I had 10 spare mins, but it makes the whole house/project better when more people help out.

As per the nodemailer docs - https://nodemailer.com/message/attachments/ you just need to supply an array of attachments... (as msg.attachments ) - so you should be able to send 3 (or more) at once.

OK have taken pity and updated the info page.

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I feel like I made a pretty big accomplishment for my first post!


I appreciate it. I suspect first timers will eventually appreciate it even more, as I knew the answer from years ago when spawning a process to send email via a mutt command.

I did spend more than 10 minutes finding the node-red-Email github via Google and it was clear I had little hope of finding the file where the text in the info box was to modify in any reasonable amount of time. But then why would they entertain a pull request from what would be to them a "random person" dropping in out of the blue?

Its of course also possible I found the wrong "fork".

Explaining the "security issue with Gmail" in your second post would have kept me out of it :slight_smile:

Google can't just do away with the feature, IMHO, there are many applications, solutions, that depend on the feature. They would take a pretty big hit I suspect, if they did it. Right now Google is completely gun shy on bad press, for obvious reasons.