Raspbery pi lose connection after i Deploy

Hi, I'm currently using raspbery pi 3 model B with node red and while doing a small dht22 project every time i deploy my raspbery lose it connection and it either (Raspbery pi Red led is on without blinking and green is off OR both of them are on without blinking) ...i checked many times and it only do that when i deploy
This is not my first time using the Node-red i did and i had no problem but recently i re-installed Debian on my two sd cards and i installed node-red on both of them and i still get this issue on both my sd cards
Please if someone can help me im doing my year end project and running out of time

What happens if you disable the DHT22 node and do a deployed?
What do you see in the log when you deploy?

when you lose connection, after a moment, can refresh and start Node-RED again?
if so, it's happened to me a couple of times, could you try connect via ethernet, your raspberry pi.

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