Raspi 3 won't install node red


Don't know what you mean by that
(Do now thanks to Dave)


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This thread has got a bit confused. Is it ok this time? If not, what is happening.


@cymplecy @Colin

guys - 20 posts a day newbie limit :confused: apologies for lack of responses!!!

i was at work in the morning so not best to time to type, what I meant was that I got to the bit 'Install Node-RED core' bit - one pointed out by dceejay.

I am currently trying to install nodered clean install again, after downloading another zip file of stretch-lite.

Will keep you posted.

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This is what I do...


OK, I am a newbie here, so I probably missed something.

Why are you using Stretch Lite?

Just flash Stretch (full version) - it already has Node-Red installed.


I've learnt to never ask people THAT question :slight_smile:


See Node-RED no longer installed in Rasbian by default?


I use Lite as I don't want the overheads of a GUI running on the pi, plus the much greater amount of SD card space the system requires. Most of my Pis have never had keyboard, mouse or display connected. They are not necessary for setting up the system or running node red, mosquitto etc.


@SteveMann for that reason that Colin says - it's just a light headless setup with no peripherals connected.

As to my story with installing node red on pi - it's still a fail. I'm going to order pi zero w and new sd card, check it again.

For test purposes I have setup vm with Jessie desktop, and believe me or not, first installation halted for whole night, so I've interrupted it and started installation again and node red installed in minutes.

So now that I can see it working got even more impatient to have it on my pi :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for your help!


That is very odd, for me installing on a zero doesn't stop for more than five or ten minutes at a time, as far as I remember.
Is it possibly you have some sort of networking/internet issue if you are seeing hangs on multiple devices?


Hi Colin, it's just one device - raspi 3b - but two memory cards.

It eventually installed on vm.

As far as I know, got no issues with my network.

Could be that both cards are corrupted?

Don't know.


I forgot to mention insufficient/dodgy power supply as possible cause

PS Just a little warning that if you get you PiZero up and running - NodeRED is one of a small selection of programs that doesn't survive being swapped to/from a Pi3 from a PiZero so you can't swap them around


Could be both are fake (e.g not the stated GB) - been caught out with that before now

Use https://www.heise.de/download/product/h2testw-50539/download to test them out (On Windows)


Oh, running a VM on a pi, it had never occurred to me try that.

If it hangs again open a second terminal window and run the command sync. If that hangs or takes a long time then there is probably a problem with the card. The sync command flushes the disc buffers out onto the device so if it is already having difficulty writing then sync will hang till the current write completes, if it ever does.


@Colin @cymplecy and everyone else - I deserve right slap to wake up! It was indeed my power supply not good enough to get installation through!!! I have changed from less than 1A to 2.4A and it worked - installation went through and finished!!!

Colin - just to clarify - I was running VM on my windows PC :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!



Glad its sorted :slight_smile:


Well, that's how long it's been since I downloaded the binary.


Oh how often have I suffered from crappy power supplies, it's the thing you don't think about when troubleshooting!


But should always be the first on any SBC.

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