RBE nodes - sorry

While going through things and tidying up, I noticed one of my machines has a conflict with the RBE node.

I did a search and went through it as best I could and deleted the node and replaced them with the newer filter node. (Shame when I put them in the flow their name changed to rbe, but...)

I also didn't DEPLOY so I kept working down the list.

Alas this is where the wheels fell off the cart.
Alas the list isn't that long and when I have a lot of finds, it makes it difficult to keep track of them.

I got to the end, DEPLOYED and checked the palette again. The conflict remains.

Sorry, but how can I better search for the older RBE node?

I know someone posted a grep command I can use but that searches the .json file rather than the flow at node-red's level.
I don't know how to translate what the grep command gives me to finding the node in the editor.

Sorry folks.

it is the same node - just the visual name changed.

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Thanks, but .. so is there a problem with the name already registered message then?

I didn't see that mentioned in the question ? - but no - no problem.
(in theory you could delete the extra one - but I'm not going to suggest that)

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Sorry I didn't declare that.

Head still spinning from updating the settings.js file.

Even if I deleted the old one I see a problem: Wouldn't that then delete the node from the flow and so things wouldn't work.

I'll leave it as is and not worry about it for now. (Hope the OCD can be kept at bay.) :wink:

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