RBE node *conflict* after updating. Sorry

NR 2.1.3

I was going through getting some nodes up to date.

RBE is a problem. Before and after the update.

I know a while back I was asking and was told of an updated release which addressed the problem I mentioned. (I seem to remember)

They are both in use (both versions). How that happened I am not sure.
Is/are there two entires in/on the list? I don't remember seeing two.

Just checked: There is/are NONE! As said in another thread: The rbe node is replaced by the filter node.

Oh, P.S: Just noticed/saw this:

So, an existing flow with rbe node.
Looking at the nodes I have.....

filter is aliased as Repeat by exception.... Ok. I can live with that.

After dragging the filter node to the edit area....

Screenshot from 2021-12-05 18-56-37

Am I being petty that it should be called filter and not rbe - as that is the name in the bigger list on the left.

Manually uninstall the rbe node and restart node red.

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Thanks. I guess I should have worked that out myself.

But it begs the question: When I uninstall it.... Won't I have/have a lot of holes in the code where the uninstalled ones are/were?

No, the filter node will pick them up.
However, I am working from memory here, on my phone. You can always re install it anyway, and you do do regular backups.

No. The RBE node was moved into the core set of nodes and relabelled as the Filter node to make it more discoverable to users. Under the covers, it still uses the rbe node type.

The node-red-nodes-rbe module is now superfluous and can be removed.

(Idiot hat on)
The node is in use. I can't un-install it simply by clicking on its name in the palette manager.

Clicking on the in use button doesn't yield information to where these nodes are.

You have to manually uninstall on the command line.

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npm remove node-red-node-rbe

from ~/.node-red


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