'rbe' already registered by module node-red

Hi, on startup I have this warn, how can I remove it? Thanks
[warn] [node-red-node-rbe/rbe] 'rbe' already registered by module node-red


This means that you are using a contrib node that has the same rbe type.

There is nothing you can do to avoid this conflict other than not using this node anymore.

Note: this node is registered from the node-red core which means that the contrib node has not been loaded (and not usable)

PS: I don't know if disabling one of the two nodes works

If memory serves me right..

The rbe node was moved into the core sometime ago

Previously this was optional (like all other user contributed nodes)

It would appear you have an old copy (one that was installed after you installed Node RED) but is now included.

Since the RBE node is now included, you will get the message.

Go into your node red directory (.node-red) and issue the command.

npm uninstall node-red-node-rbe

And restart node red.

I could have these instructions wrong, but I’m sure it’s easily fixable


I think it was installed globally in times gone by. My memory might be off, but it won't hurt to do global uninstall also...

npm remove -g node-red-node-rbe

Or sudo npm remove node-red-node-rbe if you are on a linux system.

It was moved into the core and renamed the Filter node. Existing rbe nodes will keep working.


Hi mates, thank you for your kind answers! Please excuse me for the delay on answer
Can I remove RBE safely? Anything on my flow won't stop after it? and how can I repair if this happens?
Can I use so:
npm uninstall node-red-node-rbe
npm remove -g node-red-node-rbe
To be honest, under palette I see rbe not working and I can disabe or remove this node by buttons, can I do then from Palette?
I'm running NR 3.0.2, I plan to update it, better update after removing rbe?
Thank you

just run this ^ first (or later!)

As Colin says, you probably need to use sudo

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