While updating my machines


I was going through my ten or so RPI's and updating them to the latest and greatest versions.

I know there can be problems doing that, but I believe it is sometimes better to stay up to date than not.

So: I got this when looking through my list of installed nodes.

It isn't clear to me what is means.

Something about the filter is already being used. But by whom?

Doing a flow search I don't get any matches, so I am asking for a bit of help with what is happening here.

Thanks in advance.

(Also, sorry, but as it also falls under the "while updating machines"........)

The RBE node is also not wanting to update on machines.

See second picture.
Something about it is not locally installed. Huh?
It is in the list to the left of the screen.



and if you search this forum for “not locally installed” you will find this post Help with "Module not locally installed.."




So I am guessing the first problem can also be addressed in the same way?



What exactly are you referring to? Ah, I see the 'Type already registered' message - is that what you mean?

That means you have installed two different modules that both provide a node called 'filter'. Node types must be unique. Looking at that screenshot, I can see you have node-red-contrib-filter and node-red-contrib-filter-else installed - they both provide a node called filter so you can't have them both installed at the same time. You'll need to uninstall one of them and restart Node-RED.




I probably should have seen that and worked it out.

Silly me thought that if the nodes are in the library any name conflicts would have been seen there.
(no blame.)

Shall uninstall one of them soon.



It is like a library in the book sense, so just a selection of nodes. You don't get a warning in a library if two books happen to have characters of the same name in them, but if you try to read them both at once you will get confused.



It is perfectly reasonable to expect Node-RED to do more to warn about you before you install something that could cause a conflict. The main issue is we don't quite have the right information in the right places to know about the potential conflict before you hit the install button.

It's something we want to fix, but there's lots of things we want to fix.

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I was just wanting to check with someone who KNOWS what is going on rather than make a guess and ..... well you get what I mean.

I fully appreciate the difficult of tracking node names and looking for conflicts especially on the scale of NR.

And I guess it is bound to happen.

So long as it is understood.

Again: thanks.