RBE node replaced by the Filter node

Hi, I just stumbled over the fact that the RBE node has been replaced by the filter node in 2.1.x versions.

Now the thing is, I have a number of existing flows where I use the "good old RBE node" in many places. Should the migration from 1.x.y not have taken this into consideration, finding RBE in the flow and automatically replacing it with FILTER? Or is the "concept" that you are supposed to manually work through your flows and fix this?

The existing RBE node seems to keep working, but is it really? I see all the RBE nodes I added to my flows but it is not listed in the node column any longer. You can copy & paste a RBE node in use and create more from this copy but you cannot add it from the node list. All this just creates uncertainty and makes you really worry about it's functionality

Is there a simple method available to "upgrade" existing flows using RBE replacing them with FILTER??

You don't have to do anything. The rbe node hasn't been replaced - it was relabelled and added to the core set of nodes.

From the release blog post for 2.0:

With this release we have done two things:

  • added it to the core palette (it was previously installed via the node-red-node-rbe module)
  • rebranded it the filter node.
    Under the covers it still uses the rbe node type, so existing flows will not be affected. Also that means it will still show up if you search for rbe - so users following existing guides will still find it.
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Oh, sounds good then, great!

So this thing here in the image is just a cosmetic issue? Any known easy way to get rid of it?

EDIT: Is it safe to uninstall using npm...or would that also uninstall the "core" version??

Yes it is safe to uninstall the node-red-node-rbe version. You will have to do it from the command line, then restart.


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