Re-arrange the order of tabs/flows in the info box

Hi, I have a suggestion that I believe would help users re-arranging the orders of tabs/flows

Myself, I have a couple of NR installations with a rather high number of tabs (more than 40). Every time you create a new tab it is appended at the end and that might not be where you really would like to place it. It would also be more efficient to work in the info box if you are re-arranging the tab order in general

So in the info, allow drag and drop of tabs/flow to new positions in the tree structure

Yup, drag and drop reordering is on the wish list for the sidebar.

Did you know if you double click in the tab bar (missing any actual tab) it will add a new tab. If you do that in the gap between two tabs, the new tab is inserted at that point.

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Thank you, great suggestion, I did not know! Very useful indeed

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