RedBot, Telegram Bot API and Blynk Webhook



I've got Node-RED running on an RPi Zero W and a Blynk server running on a different RPi Zero on the same network.

I've set up a very simple flow with RedBot that will send me a picture from a webcam (actually on an OctoPrint server but just a test for the the mo) on my network when the command /cam is sent from my phone via the Telegram app.....


I've got an nodeMCU on the Blynk server which will send a PUSH request with the URL when initiated by a button press or another trigger...


My issue is that even though the webhook is received by the Telegram bot it's on the wrong side of the conversation, i.e. it's sent from the bot.

I want to initiiate the command /cam with the Webhook and receive the image from the webcam on my phone.

Hopefully I'm being stupid and this easy to do.

Has anyone done anything similar and can give me a helping hand?

Thanks in advance