Remote connection "lost" but can still deploy

So, I looked to see what might be causing this and I'm not sure if its how I have everything set up or if it is the https auth I am using, but...

  1. I can connect locally to my NR using the (or IP address) using https and adminAuth and the admin GUI works perfectly.
  2. However, while connecting to NodeRed admin page remotely over https and then logging in to the admin page, I can connect but am then consistently met with "Connection Lost" error and the minute count down to reconnect.
  3. Weirdly though, I am still able to edit and deploy nodes no problem and see their update in real time on the dashboard (see image below.)

Is there a step I've missed or is this a result of something outside of NodeRed that I need to address?

My NR Setup + Config

  • NR Running on a RasPi3,
  • Connecting remotely using Macbook
  • Local (to NR) Router has external port forwarded to 1880
  • settings.js modifications:
  1. var fs = require("fs");
  2. adminAuth type: credentials
  3. https key/cert are correct
  4. requireHttps: true

I followed this tutorial here to set it up:

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