Remove Home Assistant


I installed the "node-red-contrib-home-assistant" nodes and connected to my HA instance. This was just a test and I have decided not to use HA at the present time because I can do eberything I want in NR. If I don't start the HA server, node-red complains constantly that it cat't contact it (naturally). How can I remove the dependence on HA? I have tried deleting the nodes from my flow but this doesn't help. I can't remove the nodes from the pallet as it says that the "server" node is in use. I obviously don't want the HA instance running if I'm not planning to use it. Thanks.


If you open up the Configuration Nodes sidebar from the main menu, you should see in the list the home-assistant server node. Double click on it to open its edit dialog and then click the delete button. Once you've removed it, you should be able to uninstall the module.


Thank you very much. Actually, once I deleted the server node, I was able to disable the HA nodes instead of deleting them.