Unable to remove old server

I imported an example flow to look at how it worked.

It had server settings in it and when i deleted the flow i also deleted the server.

However something is still trying to reference it, but i cannot see it on any of my flows:

11/08/2019, 16:23:06Home Assistantmsg : string[158]

"Home assistant connection failed with error: Connection to home assistant could not be established with config: <password redacted>"

how do I remove this, please?

You will find it at the hamburger menu -> configuration nodes

thats the problem. it is not listed there.

the only one listed it the one with the correct settings

You clicked "unused" and that list is empty ?

In the editor cmd+f or ctrl+f and search for home assistant, also doesn't show up ?

just the correct server

restarted node-red ? weird stuff!

i restarted the docker container

In the debug window, do you see the source node ?

You can click the number, or when you hover your mouse over the message you should see a node being selected.

No mine just gives

Home Assistantmsg : string[158]