Where can i find the homeassistant server configuration

After importing a couple flows that I found in forums to look at I now have 2 failed Home Assistant connections to IP addresses that do not exist flooding my debug window on every flow. I have verified that there is only one server configuration shown on the config tab. There is only one listed in my available servers if I try to reconfigure a home assistant node. I even searched the entire node-red directory searching the json files looking for the bad ip addresses from the error logs to no avail. Is there somewhere that I am missing where these connections are stored?

From the Menu button in the upper right, try selecting “Configuration Nodes” and see if any unused nodes are shown. If so, double click on them, and use the delete button – then restart your node-red instance.

There were none in the unused nodes, but a restart cleared all the messages being pushed to the debug pane… I guess the 'ol have you tried to turn it off and back on again actually worked. :slight_smile: Thanks for your quick response and help.